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Armin Kandel - Mixing Kylie Minogue and Hans Zimmer

In this Creator Magazine, we interviewed composers of the Audio Cartel team where they share their perspectives on composing music for films and TV, and talk in-depth about their careers and the production music industry.

We hope that these interviews will give you insight and advice about the library music industry, especially the business side and how to get involved with this fascinating industry.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Please go ahead and introduce yourself.

"My name is Armin Kandel and I'm a German composer. I work in every musical genre, since I'm not only a composer, but also an arranger."

How did you find yourself in the library music industry?

"I became a Taxi Music member. It’s a platform for beginners or starters in the production music field to put out music. I sent in some tracks and Oded discovered me in 2019."

What do you like the most about the library music industry?

"The freedom to express yourself with a musical subject and to have a final result and be proud of the creativity."

What is something you would suggest to an early composer in the industry?

"Being aware that the first years will be very, very hard, but not to give up."

Who are some of your favorite composers that have inspired you?

"The well-known Hans Zimmer and Elton John. I love Elton John as a composer. In the production music scene, I like Henry Purcell. And I like Kylie Minogue. Yes, and popular composers. I love popular composers."

In terms of library music, was there a certain composition within a movie or TV show that made you think “I want to try this”?

"Yes, documentaries about the Earth on the BBC. I watched this and I was astonished how picture and music worked together and I had the idea I should do the same thing."

What are some of your personal goals within the library music industry?

"I would love to hear my music in documentaries about nature. This would be a special dream of mine."

What is something that you enjoy about working with Audio Cartel?

"First of all, I was asked for music that I was able to produce in a short time so I could produce a lot of tracks. As well, Oded is not complicated. He tells you after you have finished what he wants, so by the time you send in a second version of the track, it's finished."

What is something that you would want the audiences of Audio Cartel to know about you as a composer or about your music?

"I'm very proud of some awards that I have won in the last few years. I won the Hollywood Music in Media Award and I was nominated two times and in 2021 I got the award. I'm very proud of this because it’s a part of my journey through music production from 2019 to now."

What are your goals here on Earth?

"First, I hope for peace. Being in a neighboring country to Russia and Ukraine, watching the war and fighting, I wish to see peace. And also, to prioritize family, health, and friends. These are the important things that we have in the world. The most important things are good friends, your own family and that everyone in the family stays healthy. That's very important to me."

Thank you for reading!

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