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Patrick Boylan - Pop and Indie Rock With A California Twist

In this Creator Magazine, we interviewed composers of the Audio Cartel team where they share their perspectives on composing music for films and TV, and talk in-depth about their careers and the production music industry.

We hope that these interviews will give you insight and advice about the library music industry, especially the business side and how to get involved with this fascinating industry.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

What is your name, location, and musical specialty? “My name is Patrick Boylan and I'm located in California. My music specialties are pop and indie rock.”

How did you find yourself in the library music industry? “I found a random video on YouTube about three years ago where they discussed the industry. I started watching more videos and I learned more about it, and because I was already a musician, I was naturally curious about it.”

What do you like the most about the library music industry? “The independence you have as a musician, you can do whatever you choose to do with the songs. You can work with your own schedule, but you also have the opportunity to collaborate with people, which is exciting. I can work from anywhere in the world or in my bedroom, which is always a positive.”

What is something you would suggest to a composer early on in their career?

"Get comfortable. Be patient, it's a very long process. There's a lot of waiting involved to hear back from labels. Sometimes you don't hear back from them, so be very patient and know that if you stick with it, things will happen for you.”

Who are some of your favorite composers and/or ones that inspired you? “There was a TV composer way back in the day named Mike Post who did music for a show called NYPD Blue. It has super cinematic music with really heavy rock drums along with it. I thought this was really interesting and inspiring. I'm also a big Led Zeppelin and Beatles fan. So definitely McCartney, Lennon, and Jimmy Page. Trent Reznor as well.”

Was there a specific composition from a movie or TV show that made you think, “hey, this is really what I want to do”? “Yes. You've probably heard of the musician Moby. He has a song at the end Heat, a movie with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. There is a really intense scene where a criminal and a cop are together at the very end and one of the criminals dies. He's kind of holding up his hand and then the song starts playing in an arpeggiated sort of format with some strings building around it. I thought that was really cool and very moving. I wanted to see if I could get involved with that side of the industry as a musician. That was really inspiring.”

What are some of your goals within the music industry? “Within television and film music, I'm really interested in traveling around the world and meeting other composers and musicians while collaborating. I would like to record music in studios around the world with other people. I think that would be really fun and exciting.”

When you're creating a new composition or a work of art, are there any musical challenges, routines, or mindsets that you put yourself into? “I usually just listen to the genre on the day that I'm going to try to write in that genre. I do a lot of Middle Eastern music and I'm located in the Western world, so that's kind of a challenge. But yes, I listen to references for a few days to get into the mindset of that genre.”

What are your goals here on Earth? “One: to eventually meet Oded in person one day. Two: to create a lasting catalog of music that affects viewers, basically to make music that moves people. That would be the short answer. Combining that with film and helping people who are creating these films get their vision across.”

What is something that you like about working with Audio Cartel specifically? “They're very sweet people. Very easy to work with and they answer quickly. They're excited about the work and they're very encouraging and complementary. They always let me know if I did a good job and they aren't scared to let me know if I didn't.”

Is there anything else that you would like audiences of Audio Cartel to know about you as an artist or as a person?

“Yes, so something that is very important for people to know is I have a very unusual skill of being able to name a song, band, and release year within one or two seconds of hearing any song. Other than that, I'm really excited to be a part of Audio Cartel and to see where we can go. I'm very enthusiastic about it and grateful to be here.”

Thank you for reading!

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