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Eul - Contemporary Pianist

In this Creator Magazine, we interviewed composers of the Audio Cartel team where they share their perspectives on composing music for films and TV, and talk in-depth about their careers and the production music industry.

We hope that these interviews will give you insight and advice about the library music industry, especially the business side and how to get involved with this fascinating industry.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

What is your name, your location, and your musical specialty?

“My real name is Eunice, but I go by Eul. I'm located in Hawaii in the United States. Instrument wise, my musical specialty is piano. I can play basic guitar, drums, ukulele but at very basic levels. In terms of style and genre, it would be contemporary piano instrumental.”

How did you find yourself within the library music industry? “Wow, it is a long story about how I found myself in the library music industry. It is not a very straightforward path. I wanted my music to be used in film, but I didn't know how to get there or what the steps were. I'm just an ordinary person. I don't really have any connections. I asked myself, 'how do I do this'? I guess algorithms are an interesting thing, because the more you search for things you're interested in, the more they keeps popping up. One day on Facebook I saw something about an independent AR forum that a company had put up. You pay a small yearly fee to see pitches made by different people, so I gave it a try and I kept working on my pitches and got accepted. The first company to get back to me after getting accepted was 10 Miles, a library company under Oded, who is also running Audio Cartel. So that's where it all started.”

What do you like the most about the library music industry so far? “What I like most about the library music industry is knowing that my music can be used for major motion pictures, especially coming from a motion picture background. I majored in animation and digital arts, so to see those two worlds come together is a blessing and it's my specialty and joy. And to make royalties off of that is very nice.”

What is something that you would suggest to a composer early on in their career or someone trying to break into the library music industry? “Well, first off, definitely work on cultivating your skill sets, but I'm assuming that's been done, so after that, it's figuring out what the next steps are to actually get myself established in the industry. I would say this was difficult for me, I guess because I had not officially composed for some feature length film. You know, it's not like that, but in terms of the music library industry, I would say, hunt down music libraries that you'd like to be a part of. It's also really important to listen to the samples that are already up there. And of course in this day and age, you need to have digital music production skills, so you've got to do that otherwise you can't do much in the industry.”

Who are some of your favorite composers or ones that have inspired you? “My favorite composer is Joe Hisaishi, a Japanese composer. He's done so much for Studio Ghibli films such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. You may have heard of some of his work.”

Yes, I'm very familiar with Spirited Away. “The music is beautiful. It's very melodic and charming. The quality is hard to forget. You know that it's good music when you're walking away from it, remembering the melody and humming it. He's been an inspiration to me for sure. There is also a composer named William Joseph, I think he's a little less known. He does a lot of contemporary classics and classical crossovers. Also very melodic. Dynamic dramatic. Sounds very pleasing to me. I think I'm drawn to melody a lot.”

Was there a specific composition from a movie or TV show that made you think “hey, this is the kind of music I want to make and this is what I want to do”?

“Probably Joe Hisaishi and all the Studio Ghibli films, especially Spirited Away. I remember watching and just being mesmerized by the story, the arts, the music, and everything was working so harmoniously together. It was so beautiful, it had me kind of dazed. I watched it first in 7th grade and I couldn't get that music out of my head. It was like I was under a spell for months. The soundtrack is called The Name of Life, and I think that I was obsessed with it.”

Are there any challenges, mindsets, or routines that you put yourself in when creating a new composition?

“I would say I look at melody a lot, but it's very strong within me so I tend to think of the melody first. That's what I tend to do and then I would kind of play with that and see what chords work with that melody and I kind of branch out from that one melodic idea.”

What are your goals within the library music industry?

“My goals within the music library industry are just to create more, create more, and submit more. Life can get crazy and one is always busy with other things so it can be difficult to just create and produce more content. So that's my goal right now, and to get more of it utilized. Outside of the library industry, I would love to find a little more success with my personal music, not music that I'm making for a library, just personal work that I would like to find more traction with. It would be great if it can be used, and it is a big dream of mine to have someone pick it up and use it.”

What are your goals here on Earth?

“Oh my gosh. Oh wow, that just escalated quickly. Okay, my goal here on Earth is to be happy while I find success in my career goals which are in art and music. And not forsake my values along the way.”

What is something that you like about working with Audio Cartel?

“Something I like about Audio Cartel is that I feel that the library owners care about myself and the work, like I can feel it, even though I've never met Oded or Amit before. It's only been through emails, but I can tell how much they care and it really shows and that care will bleed down into how the composers perform and interact as well. When you know that someone cares, you want to care more too.”

Is there anything else you would like audiences of Audio Cartel to know about you as a person?

“I would like the audience to know that my main area of expertise is piano music and it's very melodic. Especially piano music with a cinematic theme. I guess something that separates me from other composers is my art background. It's really heavily in the visual arts and cinematic arts, and I like to see them coming together. I actually create a lot of my own cover artworks for my own music, as well as all the promotional materials and videos. I really do everything.”

Thank you for reading!

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