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Jason Williams - Integrating Rock and Metal Elements Into Diverse Genres

In this Creator Magazine, we interviewed composers of the Audio Cartel team where they share their perspectives on composing music for films and TV, and talk in-depth about their careers and the production music industry.

We hope that these interviews will give you insight and advice about the library music industry, especially the business side and how to get involved with this fascinating industry.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Please introduce yourself.

"My name is Jason Williams. I live in Chino Hills, CA and my main specialty is Rock and Metal-based music. Lately, I've been branching out a lot more than that."

How did you initially find yourself in the library music industry?

"I actually started the artist band realm and from there I looked for other kinds of alternatives for musical outlets that I could work on and that's what led me to this."

What do you like the most about the library music industry?

"I like the diversity of genres that you get to work in. Being from a Rock and Metal background, it's interesting to work on a Hip-Hop or comedy or orchestral piece, just being able to experiment with something that's way different than what you’re used to."

What is something that you would suggest to an early composer?

"I would suggest just trying to write every day if possible. Learn to try to hone your skills and then eventually you just get quicker and quicker as you do that."

Who are some of your favorite composers that have inspired you?

"I really enjoy tension composers like John Carpenter or Cliff Martinez. Those are probably two of my top ones."

Was there a specific composition within a movie or TV show that made you think “hey, I want to get into this industry”?

"It kind of ties in with that last answer. Horror movies are my favorite, so anything featuring John Carpenter’s music."

When you're sitting down to create a new composition, are there any routines or mindset that you put yourself in, to help your musical flow?

"Sometimes, if I feel there's any kind of blockage or the creativity is not flowing, I like to use reference tracks, whether that be specific ones that have been provided or just pull up pieces on YouTube that are in the realm of something I’m working on. That way I can get some inspiration from that."

What are some of your personal goals within the library music industry?

"Right now, my goals are to put out as much quality music as I can. I want to be able to keep the quality high, but also get a little quicker with the speed and volume of work that I can produce at once."

What is something that you enjoy about working with Audio Cartel?

"I actually really like the communication. In the past, I found that sometimes I'd send an e-mail or a track and wait to hear back for sometimes weeks or even closer to a month. At that point I can tell that I was probably swept under the pile of a bunch of other people. With Oded and Amit, they sometimes respond in less than 24 hours. They're always on top of it, and it seems like they really enjoy what they do, and they care about the people that are composing for them."

Last question: What are your goals here on Earth?

"My main thing now is just to write the best music that I can, but also to write music that benefits the people who need it."

Thank you for reading!

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