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About Audio Cartel​

A tech company specializing in immersive audio solutions for web3 and the Metaverse, providing a wide range of music and sound-related services and products for enterprises, SMBs and independent content creators.

Image by Richard Horvath
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Audio Cartel is proud to be selected for the NVIDIA Inception Program

Audio Cartel provides music tracks, sound effects, sound design, and consulting services for companies establishing presence in the Metaverse.

Products & Services

Our products and services generate an immersive experience for the listener by utilizing innovative technologies, engulfing the listener horizontally from 360 and vertically as a full-sphere surround audio (ambisonics).

- Over 5000 music tracks, in a variety of catalogs, pre-cleared and ready to use

- Custom music and sound effects of all genres and uses

- Diversity in music genres, live acoustic recordings, and electronic productions

- Music compatibility for Unity implementation in AR/VR products

- Availability of both Surround and Stereo mix formats

- Sound design and professional consulting services

For further discussion about your needs in the metaverse


Amit Weiner



Oded Fried Gaon


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