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If you're here then you love music, like we do.

You love the Metaverse, like we do.

So "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” (Dr. Seuss )

Audio Cartel has become a leading provider, specializing in immersive sound solutions, audio engineering & design for web3 and the metaverse!

Our vision is
to make the metaverse an unforgettably immersive experience


We are thrilled to announce that Audio Cartel has been accepted to the NVIDIA Inception Program, using the Omniverse and other Nvidia platforms to collaborate offering our music to make the metaverse a more exciting place!

Audio Cartel Nvidia Inception Program.png

Our Current Catalogs

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Classix 3.jpg
Pulse Syndicate LOGO.jpg
333 CLASSICAL Logo.jpg
Triple Classics.jpg

We provide curated music catalogs by an arsenal of global professional producers, and talented established composers.


Our music page is opened to clients only, via a login code.

If you want to audition our catalogs, send a request to

Composers, Sound Designers:

Join the Cartel, and gain access to our ever-growing hub of professional artists, and private Discord server? 

Send us your music to

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